What is Form CIT 0010?

Form CIT 0010, Confirmation of Canadian Citizenship of the Adoptive Parent(s), is the first part of a two part process for getting Canadian citizenship for an adoptive child of a Canadian citizen.

Form CIT 0010 is submitted first. Then, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will tell applicants how to to submit the second part of the application, Form CIT 0012, Adoptee's Application.

Who is eligible to use Form CIT 0010?

In order to file Form CIT 0010, the adoptive parent must be a Canadian citizen and the adoption cannot take place in Canada. Adopted persons must meet the following qualifications in order to apply using this process:

  • The adoptee must be adopted after 1946 and can't be a Canadian citizen
  • The adoptive parent must be a Canadian citizen at the time of the adoption

Adopted children include

  • Minors, or children under the age of 18
  • Adults who were adopted as minors
  • People who were adopted as adults, over the age of 18

What are the requirements for Form CIT 0010?

Aside from the above mentioned eligibility requirements, there are several documents that are required evidence for this process, including:

  • CIT 0010 (this application)
  • Two items of personal identification
  • Proof of the adoptive parent's citizenship
  • Payment receipts for the required applications
  • Translations of any required documents that are not in English or French
  • And, eventually, CIT 0012, after Form CIT 0010 is approved by the IRCC (formerly known as CIC)

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