Canadian Immigration Resources

In order to better serve our customers, Immigration Direct offers a variety of information on many different Canadian immigration questions. Our resources page provides more information.

Canadian Citizenship

Citizenship is a process and the more you know about it, the better prepared you will be for the process. On our resources page you can learn more about:

Canadian Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency is an immigration status in Canada which grants a person the right to live, work, study and travel freely throughout the country. Here you can learn:

CIC General

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, or the CIC as it is more often referred to, is the immigration authority in Canada and is responsible not only for the issuance of immigration benefits and enforcement of the borders, but also the development and success of immigrants within Canada.

  • Have relatives from Canada? Learn more about your genealogy with the CIC’s guide.
  • Want to visit Canada, but the thought of getting a visa just seems like too much hassle to you? You might not have to obtain a visa (depending on your country-of-origin) and you can find out with our helpful list of Countries and Territories Requiring a Visa for Canada.
  • Immigration legislation is full of terms which have definitions that aren’t always clear. That’s why we have a useful immigration dictionary. Look up confusing terms with only a click of the mouse!