Work permit to Work in Canada

Some temporary workers must possess a work permit to work in Canada. Certain categories of temporary workers are also allowed to work in Canada without a work permit. Work permits for certain classes of temporary workers are approved quickly and the processing times varies and depends on the kind of work that the applicant will do when he comes to Canada.

Certain Canadian jobs require work permits and do not need a labor market opinion from the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). Certain classes of people do not need a labor market opinion but they require a work permit. Employees who come under the international agreements such as professionals, traders, investors and business people who enter Canada in order to work under certain global agreements, do not require a labor market opinion.

Employees who come to Canada, qualifying for a work permit through an active pilot project, along with their spouse and eligible dependents can work in Canada without the labor market opinion. These workers can work in Canada with the work permit, through agreements between the Government of Canada and the government of the province. This active pilot project is a temporary initiative primarily planned to attract specific workers, required by the particular Canadian province or territory.

An individual who has been nominated by a Canadian province for permanent resident status and if the person has a job offer from an employer in that particular province, can work with a work permit, in that particular Canadian province. Some categories of entrepreneurs and employees who are transferred within a particular company, do not require a labor market opinion. Some workers who are likely to provide important benefits to Canadians are also allowed to work with the work permit.

Labor market opinion is not needed for people whose employment in Canada will provide similar employment opportunities to Canadians, overseas. This applies to the participants of the exchange programs such as teacher exchange programs and youth exchange programs.Foreign students who are studying in Canada must do co-op work placements in Canada, which is a part of their education.

Certain other students, religious workers who involve in charitable work, spouses of some categories of foreign students who are studying full-time in Canada and spouses of skilled foreign workers can work in Canada without the labor market opinion but must possess a work permit. Other categories of people who must support themselves while they are in Canada for grounds such as refugee determination process can also work with the work permit without obtaining the labor market opinion.