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Top Five Application Tips

Applying for immigration to Canada is a process. Unfortunately it is not as easy as simply calling up Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and asking for a Permanent Resident Card.

Fortunately, the CIC is very willing to help you in your efforts to immigrate to Canada properly. Below are some of the topics that immigrants tend to ask during the application process.

What you should do with questions that don’t apply to you. CIC Immigration tips

When filling out an immigration form you may notice that there are some questions that simply don’t apply to you. However, it is important that you try to answer these questions to the best of your ability and to not leave them blank. If any of the questions are left blank, the application will be returned to you, unprocessed.

If the question truly does not apply to your situation, be sure to write “N/A” (Not Applicable) in the space given to you.

Client IDs

Client IDs are numbers given to immigrants in the CIC’s system designed to keep track of them while they apply and after they have been granted status. You will not receive a unique client identifier until you have applied for immigration benefits at least once.

On all following applications you will be required to use your Client ID on your application. For those immigrants filing for the first time, please follow the guidance included in the above section, “What you should do with questions that don’t apply to you.”

How to submit additional documents

If you have already sent an immigration application, but you have realized that you forgot to include a document, you cannot, unfortunately resend the application. You will have to wait until you receive a notice from the CIC informing you that your application is short of information.

You should be notified fairly quickly because the CIC typically checks applications for completeness before processing.

Changing and reviewing application responses

As long as you have not yet submitted your immigration application (meaning that you are still working on it online) you can go back in your application and change your answers.

You won’t be able to use the back command in your browser to do so. Rather you will need to use the link called “Previously Answered Questions”. You can use this link to go back and modify your previous answers

Language guidelines

All supporting documentation to be included in your application package should be in either English or French. If the document is in another language, you can have the document translated by a qualified translator, but the original document must be included along with the translation and a certification that declares that the translator was accurate in his translation.

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