Temporary Resident Visa

Canada’s immigration system, like many other immigration systems, makes a distinction between immigration visas and temporary visas. It is evident enough that temporary visas are granted to visitors who only intend to stay in Canada for a limited period of time. Immigration visas are granted to people who intend to stay in Canada on a more or less permanent basis.

There are several different temporary visas in Canada based on purpose. Ensuring that you apply for the proper visa is an important step in coming to Canada.

Some of these temporary visas can be used to parlay one’s status into permanent residency or immigration visas. However, some of these visas are explicitly limited to a temporary period of time at the end of which you must leave Canada in order to apply for entry again. Staying in Canada past your visa expiry date is illegal and comes with ramifications that include exclusion from re-entry to Canada. It is in your best interest to follow the rules involved with your visa very carefully.

Below we will discuss some of the more common temporary visas made available through Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Feel free to click on the name of the visa to get more information about that visa type courtesy of Immigration Direct.

Tourism Visas

One of the most popular and most frequently issued visas in Canada, visitors to Canada or business travelers can get this stamp in their passport and visit the country for a limited period of time.

Tourism visas are most often only granted for up to six months, however, the length of time that the visa is granted for is dependent upon the travel plans that you disclose to the immigration officials.

Student Visas

This program is one of the visas that can be eventually transferred to permanent residency. If you are accepted to an educational institution in Canada you can then apply for a student visa.

Student visas are still temporary and at the end of your studies you should look into changing your status to permanent residency.

Super Visas

Super visas are granted to the parents and grandparents of some residents of Canada and are in effect just visitor visas. The difference between a regular visitor visa and a super visa is the length of time the visitor is allowed to stay. Super visas allow their holders to stay in Canada for up to two years before they have to leave the country.

Work visas

Most work visas issued in Canada are for permanent residency, but there are some instances (such as for migrant workers) where workers can obtain temporary resident visas to work in Canada.

Generally, these visas are intended to eventually be used for shifting into permanent residency.