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Solving Canada Immigration Problems

Applying for immigration benefits can be a difficult process even with all the help one can get.

This brief guide is designed to help people make sure that their immigration processes go as smoothly as possible.

Often times, problems that arise during immigration applications are the same problems that many people experience. Because of this, there is a great deal of communal information that can help people who have become stuck in their process.

Initial Application

There are several things that applicants must make sure of when they first file their applications for immigration or citizenship. Think of this list as something of a checklist where all points must be addressed before the application package is sent out:

  • Is the application entirely filled out and complete?
  • Has the filing fee been paid and the receipt included in the package?
  • Are all related documents included in the package?
  • Are all documents translated (if the originals are in a language other than French or English)?
  • Is the application package addressed to the proper office?

All of these questions have to be answered affirmatively to make sure that one’s application is accepted.

If an application is denied it will be sent back to the applicant for revision which could, potentially stall the entire process further.

For time sensitive applications (such as student visas, work visas or Permanent Resident Cards) this delay can be very inconvenient and could result in the denial of benefits and other dire consequences.

Visa Interviews

For a visa to be issued, Citizenship and Immigration Canada typically requests that the applicant come in to an office for an interview. There are a number of things that one can do to ensure that the interview is a success.

  • Dress for success. The general rule is that you should come to the interview as you would dress for your job. If you work for a company that requires a uniform, then slacks, a belt and a decent shirt should do.
  • Bring supporting documentation. During the application you will submit copies of your relevant documents. When you go to the interview you should bring all of the originals in case the case worker wants to see them. Be careful when travelling with important documents as fraudsters have been known to steal these documents to create false identities.
  • Punctuality. Being on-time for a meeting or appointment is considered a sign of respect and responsibility in Western culture. In fact, if at all possible it is a good idea to be a few minutes early. If you are late, you may have to schedule another appointment.

The Citizenship Interview

The rules for the citizenship interview are very similar to the regular visa rules, but there are some additional steps that you can take to ensure that your appointment is a success.

  • Study beforehand. The immigration officer will examine your ability to read, write, and understand either English or French. Being practiced in the language should be relatively easy since you will encounter it regularly while you wait to become eligible for citizenship.
  • Get to know Canada. You will also have to complete a test which will examine your knowledge of Canadian history and government. It is a wise decision to spend some time reading up on Canada and perhaps taking a class or two at a local community centre.

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