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Service Canada

Many government services offered in Canada can be accessed through Service Canada.

There are also many immigration services that Service Canada provides.

ImmigrationService Canada

Briefly, Service Canada provides a few limited services for immigration. Most things involving immigration are handled through Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a separate department.

Service Canada has a citizenship program, an immigration loan program, a permanent residency program, a right of permanent residence fee loan program and other, less popular, services for newcomers.

For more information, please visit our blog about the subject.

Useful Information

Did you know that Service Canada has a lot of helpful tips and hints that can make your life easier?

Particularly, Service Canada has a section on their website called “Life Events” which can help you deal with the everyday concerns of life with greater ease and success.

Find hints on subjects such as:

  • Being a caregiver
  • Changing your address
  • Finding a job
  • Handling a death
  • Getting married or (hopefully not) divorced
  • Having a child
  • What to do when you lose your wallet
  • Managing your credit card debt
  • Starting your very own business in Canada
  • Getting started with higher education
  • Planning for your retirement

Employment Insurance

Most countries have some form of compensating the recently unemployed. In some places it is called, simply, unemployment, and in Canada it is called Employment Insurance, or more commonly, EI.

Employment Insurance is paid out to people who are able to meet certain requirements set forth by the department.

Service Canada allows Canadian residents to do a variety of things on their site:

  • Apply for Employment Insurance
  • Filing Employment Insurance reports
  • And learning about how Employment Insurance


As a resident in Canada you will be required to pay Canadian taxes. You can learn more about paying these taxes and maintaining your records through Service Canada.

Old Age Security

Older retirees without a pension plan are eligible for Old Age Security and they can sign up for that program on Service Canada.

Canada Pension Plan

Planning for one’s retirement is an important thing to consider while working. Residents can work on getting a pension to be able to pay for things after they retire.

Job Bank

Residents can access Service Canada’s Job Bank to see any jobs that have been posted by employers all over Canada

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