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Recreation in Canada

When you are considering becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada one of you primary objectives should be finding a good job of course. There are many great jobs in Canada available to you and the immigration department is very supportive of helping find you employment. In fact, recent changes to the immigration system have been very focused on this aspect and a new skilled worker program will be starting in May.

Permanent Residency is particularly great because it can eventually lead to Canadian citizenship, a highly coveted status. With citizenship you would have the full rights and protections of the Dominion of Canada as well as belonging to a great country that you can call home.

Living in a wonderful and beautiful country is of course the goal, but it isn’t always enough. What, for instance, are you supposed to do in your spare time in your new home? Though this thought is posed as a question, it really isn’t much of a problem and isn’t difficult to answer at all. Canada offers a multitude of things to do aside from work.

Because Canada is located pretty far north a lot of the recreation available has to do with winter sports, but there are yet more things to do aside from skiing or skating!

  • Tourism. Canada is a very large country with a large diversity of landscapes and a multitude of beautiful national parks. You could potentially tour Canada for your entire life and never see all of the beautiful things it has to offer. Some great tourist destinations are Quebec City, Niagara Falls, the Yukon Trail and British Colombia.
  • Winter Sports. As we mentioned before winter sports are very popular in Canada. Hockey, ice-skating, curling, skiing, snow ball fights and ice sculptures are all available and very fun. Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors!
  • Fly fishing. There are huge numbers of fresh water lakes in Canada which were left over from the last glaciers that crushed the landscape millennia ago and they offer a variety of recreation as well. In addition to boating, kayaking or swimming you can also try out fly fishing. Different from other kinds of fishing where the lure provides the weight for the cast-off, in fly fishing it is the fishing line that has the weight needed to send out your lure. The lure itself is designed to imitate a fly on the top of the water to attract fish. Fly fishing is considered to be a highly contemplative and rewarding sport.
  • Music. Many places in Canada are regarded as being important centers of music and concerts play across Canada all the time. Whether you prefer folk music, rock or classical you can find your favorite style nearby. Some famous Canadian Musicians are Neil Young, Justin Bieber, Leonard Cohen, Deadmau5 and Gordon Lightfoot (regarded as the most popular Canadian singer songwriter).

So, as you can see, not only can you have a stable job in Canada, but you can enjoy your spare time as well! Immigrate to Canada today with Immigration Direct!

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