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Permanent Resident? Make Halifax Your Home

Permanent Residents are allowed to live, work and study anywhere they choose to in Canada after admittance, so after you’ve used Immigration Direct to get your Permanent Resident Card you’ll have to decide where you’d like to live. Canada is full of wonderful places to live with a wide variety of landscapes and geographies. There are very rural areas dedicated to farmland or mining and then there are large metropolises and dense urban areas. There are prairies, tundra, rain forests, and sprawling cityscapes.

Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, or more specifically, the Halifax Regional Municipality, happens to have a variety of geographical features within its borders. From urban, to suburban, to rural Halifax encompasses a rather large area, but has a relatively small population. The total area of the region is about the size of the American state of Delaware, but the population is barely 400,000 people.

Halifax is often considered to be the most important of cities in what are called the Maritime Provinces. Its strong economy and culture makes it a wonderful place to make a home. Canadian financial publication, MoneySense, lists Halifax as the fourth best place to live in Canada.

The same report also recorded rankings for various things that might make a city particularly desirable.  Halifax ranked 24th for ease in walking or bicycling to work, eighth in terms of how many new cars can be found on its roads, ninth in terms of how many doctors there are per thousand people, and 16th for its inclusion of residents in the arts, culture, recreation or sports.

The economy of Halifax has a lot to do with the large port that is located there. It is a major import area and also handles the shipping and refinery of hydrocarbons that are mined off the coast of Sable Island. Other mining activities have to do with gypsum, gold and limestone and it is also the agricultural center of Nova Scotia.

Many parts of downtown Halifax have undergone gentrification in recent years. Gentrification is a process by which older, poorer parts of a city are bought up by younger more affluent people who then rebuild the area increasing its overall value. Gentrification is generally a sign of a healthy economy and culture of an area.

There are a variety of routes that you can take in order to get your Permanent Resident Card. Generally, the Canadian government prefers you to have an education and a job when you enter the country so that you can start supporting yourself and contributing society as soon as possible. However, there are a variety of other ways to get into Canada such as through family. The government has recently been very supportive of the Canadian Experience Class of visas where after you are done studying at a Canadian university you can apply for Permanent Residency.

Canada is a beautiful country full of opportunity and we here at Immigration Direct sure hope that you decide to use us when you apply for those opportunities.

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