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Permanent Resident Cards and What They Do

The Permanent Resident Card is one of the primary immigration documents in Canada. The benefits that you will be entitled to once you get your PR card are relatively easy to understand, but the difficult part is applying for and receiving the card itself. That’s why there is a  helpful online service like Immigration Direct which helps people just like you get your permanent resident status.

The Canadian Permanent Resident Card allows immigrants to live, work and study anywhere in Canada. Quebec happens to have a different immigration application system than the rest of Canada, but generally speaking the Permanent Resident Card is the same everywhere. With the PR Card immigrants also have access to the majority of benefits available through the Canadian government, this includes Canada’s famous Medicare system. Instead of many other countries that only ever really use private insurance, all people of Canada have their basic medical needs taken care of by the government. This means that it is often free to receive essential medical care throughout Canada.

Permanent Residents—in fact, everyone within the borders of Canada—are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These basic human rights are granted to permanent residents in Canada and cannot be infringed upon. Permanent residents are also allowed to eventually apply for Canadian citizenship which entitles one to the entirety of benefits under the Canadian government including the ability to vote and run for office. In some cases immigrants may retain their previous citizenship as well as gain Canadian citizenship. This is called dual-citizenship.

Responsibilities required by the Canadian government of permanent residents are that they must pay taxes and respect the laws of all levels of government. Laws and taxes are defined by federal, provincial and city governments.

Maintaining one’s permanent resident status is relatively simple because there are few reasons for why it may be revoked. One reason for the revocation of your PR Card is if you are ever convicted of a serious crime. This will prompt the Canadian government to ask you to leave the country. Another reason is if you happen to be outside of the country for too long. If this occurs your permanent residence will be considered abandoned and the government will simply assume that you no longer wish to reside in Canada. It is unlikely that the government will consider you to be leaving the country permanently if you are simply taking a vacation.

If you do take a vacation it is very important that you have your PR Card on you when you return to Canada because the customs officers at the borders will want to see it. Fortunately it is a very convenient document. It’s about the size and feel of a credit card.

So sign up with Immigration Direct today and begin reaping the benefits made available to you through the Canadian government.