Nursing Jobs in Canada

The National Occupation Classification catalogues and codes job descriptions to further assist in connecting employers and employees in Canada.

Immigrants may find the NOC to be particularly helpful because it can provide a rubric on which they can apply to their own skills and abilities and objectively demonstrate to a Canadian employer that they are what that employer wants.

Nursing Co-Coordinators and Supervisors

These professionals are part of the managing branch of nurses in a hospital or in some other medical setting. Nursing supervisors in patient care, psychiatric care, public health and other fields are part of this classification in the NOC.

The nursing coordinators and supervisors category is labeled as number 3011.

Nursing supervisors are expected to oversee their nurses as well as analyze patient needs and coordinate nurses to provide these services. Making sure that care is provided to the patients under their care is essential to this position. Establishing policies in a nursing department will also be required of nursing supervisors.
Nursing supervisors are effectively the managers of a nursing department and as a result have many of the same duties as managers in other fields. Hiring, firing, evaluation, developing training and collaborating with other departments are all part of the job.

This position is considered to be a job for skilled professionals and therefore applicants must have a history of education that reflects their suitability in the job. A university level degree in nursing or related field will be necessary as well as evidence of study in management while in school. Most nurses have to be registered with a provincial level authority and this will also be required for the job.

Registered nurse

The coded number for registered nurses and psychiatric nurses is 3012. Registered nurses are expected to have a degree in nursing. The level of degree and the courses required vary based upon which field the nurse intends to work in. Registration must also have taken place in the province that the nurse intends to work in.

According to the Official National Occupation Classification job description the duties involved in nursing include:

  • Operating medical equipment
  • Assisting in surgery
  • Administration of medication and treatments prescribed by doctors
  • Assessing the progress of patients during treatment
  • Assessing patients for “appropriate nursing interventions”
  • Teaching and counseling patients or people in the community about health
  • Psychiatric nurses counsel and care for patients in hospitals clinics and long-term care facilities
  • Nursing consultants provide information to organizations about nursing
  • Nursing researchers conduct research in the field of nursing
  • Clinical nurses specialize in particular health care groups within organizations.

For more information regarding the nursing profession in Canada you can explore the Regulated Nursing Professions Database online or the Canadian Nurses Association.