NOC: Manufacturing

The National Occupation Classification is a list of job descriptions designed to aid in matching potential employees to employers, especially if they are immigrants. This article will discuss Category 9, Occupations in Manufacturing and Utilities.

9212 Supervisors of Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing and Utilities

These supervisors look over workers in the following categories:

  • 9232—Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Process Operators.
  • 9241—Power Engineers and Power Systems Operators.
  • 9243—Water and Waste Treatment Plant Operators.
  • 9421—Chemical Plant Machine Operators.
  • 9613—Laborers in Chemical Products Processing and Utilities.

These supervisors are often required to have college level education in their field to be able to take this job. Experience is often expected and certifications in handling of waste may be expected. Licensing through provincial authorities may be necessary for qualification.

Duties expected of this level of supervisor include:

  • supervising and scheduling the activities of the above mentioned worker-categories,
  • be well versed in conflict resolution and mediation,
  • be able to manage the environmental regulations of Canada,
  • ensure that projects are completed to requirements and specifications regarding time and cost,
  • manage training in all aspects of the above jobs,

The above is not a complete list and supervisors may be expected to have additional professional skills to be successful at this job.

9221 Supervisors, Motor Vehicle Assembling NOC worker

Canada has a number of car manufacturing facilities within its borders and individuals who are able to manage the assembly process of motor vehicles.

This occupation requires a certain skill set which includes the ability to schedule the manufacturing process among multiple sections of development. The ability to increase productivity is also well regarded. Training abilities are necessary. Basic resource management is also necessary with requisitioning materials and recognizing employees for hire and promotion.

Most supervisors in this field will have college level qualifications in engineering, science or business in order to accept the job. Experience within the field will also be required and won’t be a substitute for education.