NOC — Machine Operators 946

There are a number of job descriptions listed in the National Occupation Classification in the Machine operators and Related Workers in Food, Beverage and Tobacco Processing field. This group is called 946.

These job descriptions help employers find employees who are sufficiently qualified and prepared to do the job that they want done.

Employers may find themselves looking outside of Canada for immigrants to fill these positions if they can’t find anyone closer. By comparing one’s skills, knowledge and ability to the job description in the NOC you may be able to make a more compelling argument for immigration through employment.

Process Control and Machine Operators, Food and Beverage Processing, 9461

Processed and prepackaged food can be found everywhere, from grocery stores to restaurants. Many of these food and beverage products are produced on assembly lines handled by people in this category group.

People who work in this profession may do a variety of things or they may specialize. Below are some of the positions that process controllers or machine operators may hold:

  • Brewing
  • Bottling
  • Canning
  • Control room operations (This is where multiple processes are controlled during production of foodstuffs)
  • Fermenting
  • Frying
  • Freezing
  • Pasteurization
  • Et cetera

A minimum of education is required for a job in this field.

Industrial butchers and Meat Cutters, Poultry Preparers and Related Workers, 9462

This job description is largely self-descriptive. These workers cut meat for packaging. There are a few different titles used in this industry:

  • Beef boners
  • Ham cutters
  • Industrial butchers
  • Slaughterers

People who work in this profession see through the butchering process from stunning, to cleaning and all the way through to cutting the meat in a way appealing for culinary purposes.

Fish Plant Workers, 9463

Fish plants are factories which raise schools of fish to be processed into food. These places are sometimes called fish farms or fisheries. Many people consider these facilities, when properly managed, to be much more environmentally stable than other fishing methods.

On the job training is usually satisfactory to learn how to process fish or shellfish for packaging and shipping.

Tobacco Processing Machine Operators, 9464

Tobacco processing is involved with the curing and production of such things as raw tobacco materials, cigarettes and cigars, among other products.

People working in this occupation typically need to have high school degrees and experience in the Tobacco industry.

Testers and Graders, Food and Beverage Processing, 9465

The quality of the products produced at the above facilities must, at some point be assessed. That is why there are testers and graders. This does not mean that they are actually sampling the products (although that occurs as well) but they are analyzing the objective quality of the product.