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New Guide to Canada from CIC—Transportation

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced the release of new information designed to help immigrants adjust to living in Canada. The many chaptered e-book is available on the CIC’s website and covers many different and diverse subjects.

Here we will discuss some of the topics that may help you to enter Canadian society in a smooth and manageable manner.

Cross Country Travel

If you are looking to travel across the country, you have many options to choose from with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Taking a plane to places in Canada is most assuredly the fastest way to travel the great distances of the world’s third second largest country by landmass, Canada.

A much more scenic form of travel would be by train. The Trans Canadian railroad is known for the beautiful sights that you can see from the specially built train cars with bubble windows.

Bus lines provide an economical pathway for trips across Canada provided by Greyhound busses. Travel to Canada

Rural Travel

There are many places in Canada which are somewhat hard to get to by traditional means. Roads do not extend to some of the towns in more northerly parts of the country because they are either on islands or they lie behind impassable mountains. Yet, there are still plenty of ways to get to where you need to go.

Ferries run all times of the year in certain parts of Canada to take you to the beautiful and wild islands off the pacific coast, among other places.

Bush planes, small airplanes designed for quick take-off and landing for extremely rural areas are an incredibly popular way to get around in some of the more wild places of Canada.

Public Transportation

Public Transport is largely available within cities throughout Canada and can include buses, trolleys, subways, trains or ferries. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has some suggestions for courtesy while you use public transportation:

  1. If all of the seats have already been taken you should give up your seat for pregnant women or the elderly. If you think that a person is under a greater burden while standing that you would be if you were standing you should give up your seat.
  2. If you are carrying bags or a satchel and you need to walk down a narrow aisle, try your hardest to carry your things so they don’t hit other people.
  3. At public transportation stops, let people get off of the vehicle first before you step on.
  4. Expect public transportation to get somewhat crowded and allow for others to have personal space as well. Don’t push or touch people to get more room.
  5. When using stairs, hallways or escalators keep in mind that you should stay to the right, much like how people drive within Canada.

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