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New Canadian Immigration Rules for Minor Convictions

A foreign national with a criminal conviction is considered to be inadmissible to Canada in terms of security. In certain cases, 5 years after the sentence, the foreign national may be eligible to apply for rehabilitation, to Canadian immigration authorities. The others must apply and get a Temporary Residence Permit, to enter Canada on a temporary basis though they were convicted.

Canada has changed the immigration rules related to Temporary Residence Permit for foreigners with minor convictions. Minor offenses which Canada is going to play easy, include minor criminal mischievous activities such as shoplifting.According to this new change, a foreign national who is guilty of one misdemeanor conviction, will now be able to get a pass to cross the border and skip the application system.Such people may be granted a Temporary Residence Permit at the Canadian port of entry and they need not pay the regular processing fee of $200.

An important thing to be noted here is that, this relaxation is given to only to the people who file an application at the Canadian port of entry and the people who make an application at the visa office may not be eligible.

This new Canadian immigration rule aims at increasing awareness related to the admissibility conditions in Canada. It also assures hassle free travel to Canada. This new rule will simplify all the procedures for both the CBSA(Canadian Border Services Agency) officials as well as the travelers.

Issuance of the Temporary Residence Permit(TRP) for foreigners convicted of minor offenses is completely at the discretion of the CBSA official. It is the CBSA official, who will decide whether the person may be allowed into the nation or not.

There are certain pre-requisities, in order to issue TRP to the foreign national who was convicted. The convicted foreign national must not have received an imprisonment under the sentence that was enforced. That person must not have committed any other criminal activity and must not have involved in any other conviction, which may not allow the individual to enter the nation.

A fee waiver may be provided to the foreign national who fulfills the above two requirements, by the concerned CBSA official. If the individual is considered to be eligible then the official may issue a TRP to him.

A Temporary Residence Permit is granted to a person who is inadmissible into Canada based on security and health related issues. A Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) is different from a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). A TRV is considered to be a document which is mandatory for all foreign nationals who seek a Canadian visa in order to enter Canada, regardless of their personal background.

A foreign citizen who is coming from a nation which has a non-rehabilitated criminal conviction, must file an application for a TRP along with a TRV. A TRP must be obtained by foreign nationals coming to Canada with non-rehabilitated criminal convictions, from nations where there is a visa exemption.


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