Lost Immigration Documents Canada

As an immigrant in Canada it is relatively important to keep your documents well-organized and current or valid. Though your Permanent Resident Card is necessary to get certain government services, there may be extended periods of time where the PR Card (or other immigration document) is relatively unused.

During these periods of time there is increased risk of these documents being lost or destroyed accidentally. These things happen and Citizenship and Immigration Canada understands how these things happen. Below is a list of the documents you can have replaced if they are lost, provided you are currently within the borders of Canada:

Note: Not all of these documents are for Permanent Residents.

IMM 0056, Certificate of Departure. IMM 0056

  • A Certificate of Departure is an immigration document granted to visitors to Canada when they leave through a port-of-entry.

IMM 1000, Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing.

  • Form IMM is the document required of immigrants for when they enter Canada. It is typically granted to immigrants upon their entry to Canada and maintains a record of when they entered Canada.

IMM 1097, Visitor Record.

  • A visitor record is granted to non-immigrants who come to Canada for tourism, business trips or to visit family. It is proof that they entered Canada as a visitor.

IMM 1102, Work Permit.

  • Work permits allow foreign residents within Canada the right to work under specific circumstances and for limited periods of time. Without this document, foreign residents may not work in Canada.

IMM 1203, Authorization to Return to Canada Pursuant to Section 52 (1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

  • This document has to do with very specific situations dealing with refugees or asylees in Canada who may be out of status.

IMM 1208, Study Permit.

  • Students looking to study at a school within Canada must first obtain, and retain, a valid study permit in order to stay in Canada.

IMM 1214, Exclusion Order.

  • You can return to Canada after 12 months away provided you were granted an exclusion order. This document serves as permission to be in Canada in some cases.

IMM 1215, Deportation Order.

  • This document says that you must leave Canada for one reason or another. You may need to use this document if you apply for re-entry at a later date.

IMM 1263, Permit to Come Into or Remain in Canada.

  • This document acts as an extension of a temporary visa in Canada.

IMM 5238, Departure Order.

  • Departure orders are given to foreign residents who are in Canada temporarily at the end of their allotted stay if they have not yet left. These orders are somewhat less severe when compared to deportation orders.

IMM 5292, Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

  • This document is sometimes used when applying for certain government services and is physical proof of a person’s Permanent Residency in Canada.