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Jobs in Canada

For hundreds of years people have immigrated to Canada in hopes of finding employment and starting a new life in the old world. Although there isn’t much room for fur trappers anymore, there are scads of jobs just waiting for you in the Nation of Immigrants!

Canada has many different provinces and separate geographies from which to choose from and find jobs in. Each region has its own set of industries, but we can generally break them down into three larger economic Categories.

  • Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Service

ResourcesJobs in Canada

Canada is rich in resources and always has been. In the eastern provinces fishing is a very important industry and many people migrate to the Atlantic Provinces to become fishers. Maple Syrup is collected in these areas as well and in central Canada. Oil and gas is highly plentiful in western and northern Canada and there are extensive jobs available for those who wish to work for the oil companies.

Also located out in the western provinces are large forests that provide significant amounts of lumber, fields for farming grain or canola and mines. Most folks have heard of the California gold rush that occurred in the middle of the 19th century, but did you know that Canada had its own gold rush in the Yukon 50 years later? Aside from gold, Canada also mines diamonds, uranium, nickel and lead.


The manufacturing sector of the Canadian economy is probably the smallest part, but it should not be discounted because it has a reputation of being relatively stable. There are many car manufacturing branches for American and Japanese cars as well as airplanes. Also, considering the large amount of oil and gas production, all of that material has to be processed and refined into such things as motor oil, petroleum, heating fuel and kerosene. A lot of paper production occurs in Canada near where the foresting companies operate.


The service industry, the third level of the economy that interacts more with the consumer than the actual material, is probably the largest and most powerful part of the Canadian economy.

There is a very large amount of the working population that works in retail in Canada in malls or shops or other stores, but there are even larger endeavors. Banking, financial institutions, real estate and financial trading are all very important to Canada and are what make it part of the 8 most economically powerful countries in the world.

Tourism and entertainment are also very important in Canada. Many Canadian television shows are syndicated internationally, and movies produced there are shown all over the world. Canada is a very beautiful country and has many fantastic parks that people from all over the world visit in large numbers. This is where the tourism sector garners a lot of its revenue.

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