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Immigration Canada: Canadian Justice

Although it is not possible to have the full rights guaranteed by the Canadian government unless you become a full citizen, Permanent Residents are very highly protected by the Canadian system. Permanent Residents are of course subject to removal if they commit crimes, but because of how the Canadian justice system works just because a Permanent Resident is arrested does not mean that they will be instantly removed.

Immigration fraud almost always means removal or some other punishment by the Canadian government. There really is no reason for any immigrant to be deported because they made an error on their application. Immigration Direct provides a useful service, for a fee, that helps you immigrate to Canada properly so you do not need to worry about being removed or denied immigration benefits because of an error in your application.

Canada’s law system is quite similar to that of many other western nations and is based upon a tradition of law. Generally there are a few different kinds of law that justice systems are based upon, there are theocratic law systems which are based upon religious texts, civil law which is based upon laws explicitly written, and common law which is based upon precedents in courts. What this means is that when trials are being examined they will be compared and contrasted to other similar cases from the past to see what decisions have already been made. Canada uses a common law system that can trace its roots back to the early 11th century in England when the Magna Carta was signed.

Over the years different precedents and rules are established through trials and other legal actions. In Canada all trials operate under the assumption that you are innocent. This means that you cannot be deported just because you were accused of a crime or arrested. Also when being tried you are also entitled to all of the rights that are given to you by the Canadian government and the people administering the proceedings must also follow the law during the trial.

Hopefully you won’t come across any legal troubles, but it is important that you be aware of your rights in Canada. Just because you are an immigrant and not yet a citizen does not mean that you can be alienated from your rights as a human and resident of Canada. If, in the unfortunate event, you find yourself involved in legal proceedings it is important that you retain a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and to protect your rights.

There are also immigrant advocacy organizations throughout Canada who will help protect you against injustices that certain people may want to subject you to. You should not feel absolutely bonded to a company or a person so that you can keep your Permanent Resident status if they are mistreating you.

These laws are what makes Canada one of the best and most just countries in the world and its why hundreds of thousands of people immigrate there every year. Become one of them and experience the freedom that is the Dominion of Canada!