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Immigrate to Canada on International Migrants’ Day!

Canada is becoming increasingly interested in taking in many more immigrants as a part of their immigration reforms. It has never been a better time to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada!

Hopefully, to add to the excitement and enthusiasm of these times today is International Migrants’ Day. Today is a day to recognize the importance of immigrants and to join them in solidarity.

The world has, in effect, become smaller and smaller over the past century with the use of many different kinds of technology, in particular communications technology. In the matter of a few hundred years the world has gone from being unaware of some continents to being able to mail a letter in the matter of a few months to now where communication with any part of the world can be instantaneous.

Transportation technology has developed as well. No longer are we limited to horses and carriages and boats to get from one land to another. Human kind has at its disposal the ability to move massive numbers of people at incredibly speedy rates.

What this all means is that borders have become more permeable and the desire to travel and immigrate is no longer as severely hampered by the threat of poor technology.

The world’s economy is becoming global, and this is not a bad thing at all, in fact it could bode well for the development of all of humanity. The exchange of goods, services, skills, and intellectual power is what strengthens economies. Stagnation and isolation are what truly damage economies as has been demonstrated throughout history.

This date is also important for some countries to recognize migrants’ rights. Occasionally the rights of immigrants are infringed upon in their new homes and they become marginalized parts of societies. This event exists to remind everyone that there are people out there trying to make their own lives better as well as the lives of others.

Canada, of course, has governmental offices that are very good at keeping to helping immigrants in all sorts of ways. Very rarely are immigrants in Canada marginalized severely. The immigration requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada are designed to make the transition to Canada as easy as possible and reduce the likelihood of feelings of alienation.

Canada’s well-rooted groups of immigrants serve as support groups to those people entering the country and there are a great many educational programs designed to get folks used to living in Canada.

Canada is over-all a very tolerant and friendly place to live. After you’ve gotten your Permanent Residency you should then think about becoming a Citizen so that you can enjoy the full benefits of Canadian Residency.

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