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Immigrants Call Toronto Home More than Anywhere Else in Canada

According to Statistics Canada the city with the largest immigration population in Canada is Toronto with over two million migrants calling that city their home. Immigrating to Canada is easy when you apply with Immigration Direct. Forget the frustration of applying on your own and immigrate to Canada sooner.

According to the 2006 Canadian census 2,320,165 immigrants called Toronto home. Two other municipalities with large numbers of immigrants are Montreal with 140,355 and Vancouver with 831,265.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is particularly close to its southern neighbor, the United States. As is true for the rest of North America it has an extensive history of being an area that has taken in a large number of immigrants over the years.

Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney has recently stated that immigration numbers are expected to stay high and even expand as he continues to reform the CIC. Canada recognizes that taking in more immigrants can be very beneficial to the economy and culture of Canada and he is promoting smoother immigration processes such as the Canadian Experience Class.

Toronto is an excellent place for many people, but especially immigrants. Toronto possesses an international economy that is recognized as being one of true global importance. There are many different industries that a person can become involved in Toronto. Formerly this lake city was renowned as being heavily reliant upon its many distilleries, but it has since far expanded beyond that.

The variety of entertainment venues, museums and cultural institutions make Toronto an excellent place to visit as a tourist and many millions of people come to visit annually. The iconic CN Tower, for many years the largest freestanding structure in the world is located in Toronto.

Toronto’s proximity to the United States should not be discounted either and accessibility to Detroit, Michigan is only a bridge away. Obtaining a visa to the United States is significantly easier when you become a citizen of Canada.

Canada’s financial capital is also known as being one of the best places to raise children as well due to a few very convenient factors. Toronto is known for having an extremely low crime rate for a city of its size. Part of the reason for why this is can be attributed to strict Canadian gun-control laws. The University of Toronto, a well-regarded research university, is located on multiple campuses throughout the Toronto metropolitan area and having universities nearby nearly always tends to bring the overall education of an area above average. Healthcare in Toronto, in all of Canada as well, is provided for by the government and can be incredibly helpful when raising children since children do need to go to the doctor regularly for inoculations and check-ups.

Immigrants to Canada tend to gravitate towards Toronto for a reason, it is a major center for life within Canada. The government’s immigration system encourages immigrants to find cultural enclaves when they first enter Canada and considering the size of Toronto this should be easy to accomplish.

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