How to Get Foreign Credentials Recognized

Jobs are often rather similar around the world, but the difficult part in immigration can sometimes be showing the Canadian government that you are indeed qualified to do that job.

When immigrating to Canada, one is often asked to provide credentials to show that you can do the job you are immigrating to work on, but they aren’t always straight-forward or easily transferrable.

What’s Different about My Credentials? Work Immigration

Though your job may be effectively the same no matter where you live in the world there are a number of factors that the Canadian government wants to examine to make sure that you truly are qualified.

  • Education. Is the education you received at the same or at least at an acceptable standard in comparison to Canadian educational institutions?
  • Work Experience and Job Description. Does your job have the same salient features as a comparable job in Canada? (This also has to do with the National Occupation Classification which we will address later in this article.)
  • Certifications. Are the certifications you received, though similar in name or appearance, granted for the same reason as a comparable Canadian certificate?

You can confirm all of this information by simply applying for an Educational Credential Assessment with the Foreign Credentials Referral Office, a part of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Educational Credential Assessment

In order to apply for an Educational Credential Assessment you will have to contact one of the following organizations and follow their instructions. They will then give you a report which you will include in your application for immigration to Canada. Here are some of the organizations that you may have to contact:

  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Use this organization to assess your academic credentials. This includes grade school, high school, university or post-graduate studies. Can be applied for inside as well as outside of Canada.
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada. Use this organization if you are applying for the Federal Skilled Worker Program from within Canada.
  • World Education Services. This service will be able to return your credential report in seven business days and can be used for the Federal Skilled Workers Program.
  • Medical Council of Canada. To be used for medical personnel looking to immigrate to Canada to work and they must confirm their credentials. All medical personnel must confirm their credentials here.

National Occupation Classification (NOC)

The National Occupation Classification is a program of organized job descriptions put together by the Canadian government. Although it is not exclusively used in immigration, it does give immigrants a great advantage.

By standardizing job descriptions, immigrants are able to, at a glance, assess whether or not they are qualified for a certain position or not. If not, they can then work on achieving those qualifications for immigration.

These job descriptions include alternate names for the jobs, duties and responsibility necessary and the education or experience required to perform the job to the satisfaction of government regulators.