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How to Extend Your Stay While Working Temporarily in Canada

People who enter Canada to work are temporary residents, legally authorized to work temporarily in Canada. There is a restriction in the length of their stay and they can stay in Canada per those restrictions. A person who wishes to work in Canada must obtain a work permit, in order to establish eligibility to work in Canada, as it is illegal to work in Canada without a work permit.

A work permit which is issued to a foreign worker is not valid for a life time and it has to be renewed. There are certain conditions related to applying for renewal. A work permit that was issued to a temporary foreign worker in Canada may be changed or renewed through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). To change or renew a work permit, the foreign worker need not leave Canada. The permit holder can apply for a renewal while in Canada. The employer who is offering the job must extend or change the LMO through Service Canada.

An application to extend your stay in Canada must be made at least 30 days prior to the date of expiration of your current status. While applying for renewal you must also remember that the validity of your work permit cannot surpass the validity of your passport. You may apply to renew your work permit if the job that you were offered has been extended or changed. You can also renew your work permit if you are offered another job in Canada. Other circumstances where you can apply to renew your work permit is when you wish to reside and work permanently in Canada or if you seek to re-enter Canada after you leave Canada. Besides, there are certain provisions that allow you to extend your work permit in emergency situations.

In case your job has changed or has been extended, you must apply to extend your work permit before your existing card could expire. A work permit may be renewed if you had obtained a new job in Canada. You cannot work in Canada without a work permit and you also cannot start working for a new employer without a new work permit. Hence, to work for a new employer, you must obtain a new work permit. Some people who enter Canada through a job offer may seek to reside there permanently. Such people who wish to stay in Canada permanently may do so by satisfying the eligibility requirements for permanent resident status in Canada. A work permit will allow non-Canadian citizens to stay there permanently but they must qualify under certain categories such as the skilled worker category.

There are some people who leave Canada after working there for a particular period of time. That is when they leave for their home countries after the expiration of their work permits. Such people are also given opportunities to return to Canada. If they wish to re-enter Canada and work here, they must have a valid work permit and a valid passport. A valid entry visa must be possessed by citizens of countries that require a temporary resident visa to travel to Canada. The possession of all these documents alone does not ascertain that you will be allowed to re-enter Canada; you will be allowed to enter if you satisfy all the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.