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Citizenship Canada: Required Language Skills

If you want to become a citizen of Canada you must first become a Permanent Resident. There are a few different ways that you can accomplish this and Immigration Direct can help you achieve this goal for a nominal fee. It is, after all, a very small price to pay for the privilege to live in one of the greatest countries on our fine blue planet Earth.

After a few years of living in Canada as a Permanent Resident you may apply for citizenship. After you have become familiar with Immigration Direct through our Permanent Resident Card program you can also use us to your advantage when you apply for citizenship. Becoming a citizen of Canada requires you to meet a few benchmarks among them are time requirements, knowledge about Canada’s history and government and language skills.

Canada has two official languages and you must be at least proficient enough in one of them to satisfy the immigration officials at the time of your citizenship application. There are national programs that are used to measure proficiency in both English and French (the official languages of Canada), which are the Canadian Language Benchmarks for English and the Niveau de competence linguistique canadien for French. These programs scientifically measure one’s ability to use the language in four different ways: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

For the purpose of this article we will focus on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and the English language test. To become a citizen you must be able to prove that you are CLB level four in both listening and speaking. Level four means that you can have every day conversations and you show that you are relatively competent in the use of grammatical tenses and have a reasonably well-developed vocabulary.

It is likely that you will develop the necessary language skills through the course of your Permanent Residency to pass the language competency test, and if you are able to read this article without assistance or translation you are likely capable to pass the language test. However, being able to read a language is not always the same as being able to speak it or even hear it, so you may need additional practice and guidance outside of everyday interaction with other Canadians.

There are many different programs around Canada designed to help you learn the language of your choice and provide proof that you are in fact proficient in that language. There are three ways by which you can prove your skills. Either through a third party testing program that uses a Citizenship and Immigration Canada approved test, through a diploma or other proof of being educated in a school that required competency in English, or a CLB level four score given to you by a government run CIC program.

Be sure to check back with Immigration Direct for more information on the citizenship tests and tips on how to make the immigration process easier. We’re here for you!

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