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Citizenship and the Citizenship Test

Canadian citizenship is a truly great thing. With citizenship you will have access to more rights within Canada and it can never be revoked unless you decide to remove your own citizenship. Immigration direct is an excellent resource for information about Canadian citizenship and we can help you file for citizenship!

Citizenship test will have to do with geography and history

Filing for citizenship properly is extremely important for a number of reasons. The most foremost reason is that if you file properly there won’t be any delays in the process and you will therefore get your citizenship certificate faster. If you miss any fields on the citizenship form it will likely be sent back to you for correction. Consider that will constitute a trip to and from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to you through the mail system. When you are excited about becoming a citizen this span of time might as well be forever.

However, the first thing that you have to find out is if you are eligible to become a citizen. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the official immigration body of Canada, you must meet certain requirements in order to apply for Canadian citizenship.

  • You have to be 18 years old in order to apply for your own citizenship. Immigrants younger than 18 can also apply for citizenship, but they cannot do it themselves. Their parents must apply for them.
  • Only Permanent residents who have lived in Canada for 1,095 out of the past 1,460 days are eligible to apply.
  • You must also be able to speak either of the official languages of Canada. The two largest official languages are English and French. You must also provide supporting evidence of your proficiency in these languages.
  • A basic knowledge of Canadian history, government and culture are necessary for citizenship as well. Immigration Direct has a number of blogs about the citizenship tests that you can peruse as well as assistance on the citizenship form.

There are certain things that may prevent you from becoming a citizen:

  • If you have violated the Citizenship Act in the past three years you will likely be turned down for citizenship.
  • If you have been somehow punished for a crime and you are still serving your term you will not be granted citizenship.
  • Violations of any immigration laws make you ineligible for citizenship.
  • In the event that your citizenship has been revoked you cannot apply for citizenship again unless five