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Citizenship and Politics of Canada

Here at Immigration Direct we provide a variety of services to help you immigrate to Canada. Whether you want to gain Permanent Residency, apply for citizenship or just learn more about Canadian immigration we are here to help you.

If you decide, after you’ve gotten your Permanent Resident Card, to pursue Canadian citizenship you may want to consider becoming familiar with Canadian politics. After all, one of the rights that you will gain as a citizen will be the right to vote and participation in the democratic process is one of the major draws to Canada.

There are a huge number of political parties within Canada, but only five hold seats within the House of Commons, the major federal part of the Canadian legislative branch.  The five major branches are the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party, Liberal Party of Canada, Bloc Quebecois, and the Green Party of Canada. We will briefly discuss them here to familiarize you with Canadian politics.

The Conservative Party of Canada, otherwise known as the Tories, is obviously the more conservative party of Canada and identifies more with maintaining British ties and policies. Like many other conservative political parties around the world they believe in the decentralization of government to smaller units of the state. The Right Honorable Stephen Harper is a Tory and is also the current Prime Minister of Canada.

The New Democratic Party of Canada holds the opposition minority in the House of Commons and is the more liberal party of Canadian Politics. They support the social responsibility of government, business regulation for larger institutions, greater democracy through more representative elections (and the abolition of the federal senate which is composed of members who are not elected), and increased environmental control and protection.

The more centrist wing of Canadian politics and the party with the third most seats in the House of Commons is the Liberal Party of Canada. Members of the Liberal Party of Canada have views that fall between the two above parties and are generally more moderate in their views which are based on a more classical understanding of the term liberalism.

Bloc Quebecois’ main platform is the maintenance of Quebec’s sovereignty and to retain their uniquely Francophone identity. The Green party is mostly interested in the environmental preservation of Canada, very similarly to the United States’ Green Party.

Apply for Canadian citizenship with Immigration Direct and you can voice your opinion on how the country should be run in the next election, participate in the democratic process!

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