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CIC Canada and Citizenship Week

Immigration in Canada is an important issue, so much so that it, like many other countries, has its own department to deal with immigrants within and without the country. This department of the Canadian government (called Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC) is responsible for issuing visas for temporary visitors, permanent residents and also administers the citizenship test and application.

Oftentimes government documents might seem to be rather difficult to understand and that is why Immigration Direct offers useful cost-effective help when it comes to applying for and submitting these applications. Whether you are interested in becoming a new permanent resident in Canada, renewing or replacing your old PR Card or applying for citizenship we can help you through that process.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is not only an administrative body and has a variety of other programs that it tends to. Recently in the news it was reported that the CIC, under the leadership of Minister Kenney, started to prosecute a number of immigrants who had fraudulently filed for citizenship and immigration benefits.

Enforcement of immigration law and policy are not the only responsibilities of CIC however. They also organize many events that celebrate the pride and privilege that accompanies Canadian citizenship.

This being Canadian citizenship week there are quite a few events going on across Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. There will be citizenship ceremonies where applicants will be taking their Oath to Canada in public, officiated by the CIC as well as numerous re-affirmation ceremonies where people who have already been citizens for a while can re-state their commitment to the country that they call home. For the next few weeks there will also be a smattering of public speakers talking about what it means to be a Canadian citizen in select cities in Canada. You can find out more about these events on the Immigration Direct blog as well as CIC’s website.

2012 is also a rather important year in Canadian history as well. It is the bicentennial of the war of 1812 which established Canadian cultural independence and a sense of national identity. In 1812 the United States invaded Canada looking to expand its territories and further depose the British government from North America. However, Canadian militias were able to repel the Americans and by doing so forged a national pride that remains today.

Learning about the government, history and culture of Canada is of great importance when you come to live in the country. Especially when you decide to become a citizen because the application requires that you become very familiar with these aspects of Canada.

So when you decide that you would like to emigrate to one of the greatest (and freest) nations on the planet, consider using Immigration Direct to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Our helpful system is bound to ease the process of immigration which is already a somewhat difficult process.