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Life in Canada

Moving can be a stressful situation regardless of where you move, but it is only compounded when you move to an entirely new country with a new language and new culture. Immigrating to Canada is no different from moving to any other country, really, but Canada has a support system that can prove to be very beneficial to immigrants of all kinds.

Canada is one of the most aware countries in the world about this problem and is very much interested in the comfort and success of the immigrants who enter its borders.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is not only interested in taking your immigration applications or accepting your fees, but also ensuring that you will be as successful as possible. Many of the CIC’s policies are designed with just this in mind.

Though, even with the CIC’s consideration, you may feel a certain level of discomfort upon initially moving to Canada. The important thing to remember is that you will be able to adapt to your new home and there are organizations out there to help you.

Because of the multicultural nature of Canada, there are many cultural enclaves throughout the cities and provinces of Canada. You can easily find people from your part of the world who can help you adjust to the country.

Upon entering the country you may want to consider finding a place of worship in your religion. Many churches, temples mosques and other institutions are very willing to help new immigrants during their transition. The social support of a religious community is also very helpful to the process.

Those who are not religious or cannot find a nearby place of worship, there are many immigrant assistance organizations. These groups can be found on Citizenship and Immigration’s website as well as in the local Yellow Pages.

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