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Check Application Status

If you have applied as a sponsor for an immigrant application, you can check the status of the application online at the CIC’s website. You will simply need some of the information you included in the application before you check the status of the application. Principal applicants can also check their status using this website.

Most immigrants to Canada require sponsors in order to legally enter the country. These people file on their behalf and can be family members or employers, most often. Some immigrants do not require sponsors, but most do.

Principal applicants are the immigrants who are working with their sponsors to enter Canada and are responsible for the filing of their applications. Non-principle applicants included people such as dependents of the principal applicant.

The information you will need to check your immigration application status online includes:

  • The applicant or sponsor’s name,
  • The applicant or sponsor’s birthday and place of birth,
  • And the identification number attached to the form you have already filed.

Processing Times

It is important to understand that the processing times provided by the CIC are estimates and are in no way exact. There are several things that could affect the overall time that you may have to wait for your application to be processed:

  • Keeping your contact information up to date. The easier it is for the CIC to find you, the quicker your application will get to you.
  • Avoiding errors in your application. Any corrections that must be made will lengthen the amount of time you must wait.
  • Submit a complete package.  Applications will be returned if they are not complete, delaying your approval.

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