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Canadian Citizenship Processing Times

Processing times are a way for Citizenship and Immigration Canada to inform its customers about how long they will have to wait for their applications to be accepted.

Knowing a certain forms processing time will help you better track the process of immigrating to the United States. If the form you filed is taking longer to process than the posted processing time you may want to look into its progress. If your form is taking a particularly long time you may have to contact CIC to give additional information or to resubmit certain things.

Applying for citizenship is generally considered to be an end-point of the immigration process and can be applied for after a certain period of time as a Permanent Resident in Canada. Below you can find the processing times for the different services involving the CIC and citizenship. Please note that not all of these processing times have to do with the application for citizenship.

Application for citizenship: The CIC estimates that it will take approximately 23 months to process you application for citizenship from the day you officially file your application to your citizenship ceremony. Some applicants can check the status of their application online.

Citizenship certificates: If you are already a citizen and you simply need proof of your status you can receive your citizenship certificate in as little as six months.

Resumption of Canadian Citizenship: Some individuals can apply for the resumption of Canadian Citizenship and be re-admitted in 35 months.

Renunciation of Canadian Citizenship: Renunciation of Canadian citizenship is also known as getting rid of or abandoning one’s citizenship and can take as little as four months. This process is generally reserved for those who must renounce all other citizenship before becoming the citizen of another country.

Citizenship Records Search: You can ask Citizenship and Immigration Canada to search their citizenship records for you in as little as five months. This service is typically used by people who are trying to prove their citizenship through a deceased relative.



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