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How Fast Can One Get Canadian Citizenship?

Getting Canadian citizenship is significantly easier than getting a Permanent Resident Card, so the amount of time it takes to get a citizenship certificate is much shorter than getting a PR Card.

The catch, of course, is that you can’t just skip straight to the Canadian citizenship application. Immigrants who apply for citizenship are required to be Permanent Residents for at least three of the four years previous to their citizenship application.

The CIC’s website states that the total processing time for a citizenship application is 21 months, or three months short of two years. This time is based on a certain number of the cases submitted during the period of a year and may be longer or slightly shorter.

Citizenship in Canada

Either way, if an immigrant has to first get Permanent Residency in Canada, this time expands to be even longer. Depending on which visa type you wish to immigrate with, and the mandatory waiting period the entire time it takes to get citizenship could be up to six years or more.

This waiting time can be significantly reduced if you are already eligible for citizenship. People who are born in Canada are immediately eligible for citizenship and can apply at any time. Another instance where one can apply for a quicker way to citizenship is if one of their parents is already a full Canadian citizen, regardless of where they live currently.

Citizenship is a very serious status and countries want to make sure that people are genuine when they apply and not just trying to take advantage of the status.

In recent years, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has conducted a number of investigations that have led to the revocation of citizenship for quite a few immigrants. Don’t waste your time and apply correctly.

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