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Edmonton the City of Festivals and Immigrants

Edmonton, a city located in the Canadian province of Alberta, is world renowned for its festivals that occur year round and is a wonderful place to either settle or visit. As a Permanent Resident of Canada you can either choose to move to one of the best economies in Canada or simply visit for one of their many cultural affairs in the beautiful Canadian prairie.

Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Edmonton is home to the largest fringe theater festival in the world. The Edmonton International Fringe Festival draws enormous crowds of approximately half a million in August for people all over the world to consume culture and art in a very unique way. Fringe theater is simply a form of theater that has not been mainstreamed. Often times these plays or performances deal with unusual or controversial subject matter, are low budget and profound in their pithiness. This festival is known worldwide and is a favorite for the town of Edmonton.

Edmonton Servus Heritage Festival

The Edmonton Servus Heritage Festival occurs on the first Monday of August and celebrates the ethnic diversity of Canada and Alberta. Hundreds of thousands of people come to this festival yearly since its inception since the mid-1970s. Alberta has a reason to celebrate its many ethnicities because of its high level of diversity. Though many of these groups are European there are also quite a few enclaves from the Philippines, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Korea and many other countries. If you’re thinking about visiting for the festival you might want to consider sticking around for the Fringe Theater Festival later in the month!

K-Days or Edmonton’s Capital EX

K-Days has gone through many different name changes throughout the years, but in the end it is effectively an annual fair very much similar to a state fair in an American Midwest state. There are carnival type rides and exposition events as well as some rodeo type attractions.

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