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Move to Canada! Learn the Language and get Help

Permanent Resident Cards are available so that immigrants can come to work and live in Canada. Immigration Direct offers a variety of services that help you with your immigration needs, but when you enter the country you will be expected to learn how to speak either English or French either before or immediately after you arrive. File for your Permanent Resident Card today while you learn about the language programs.

Fortunately, there are many programs available within the country that can help you learn English or French, the two official languages of the Dominion of Canada. In order to qualify for in-country language training you must have your language skills tested, be an immigrant and be an adult. The name of the language assistant program is different depending on which language you are trying to learn. LINC for English, and CLIC for French. These learning centers are located everywhere in Canada and even provide some additional services depending on your particular situation.

You can also enroll in a local university or community college to learn French or English. By doing so you may end up developing a much higher level of competency with whatever language you are using. However, oftentimes these classes cost additional money.

Additionally, you may also want to contact one of the many immigrant assistance organizations that operate throughout Canada. These services have to do with language assessment, job-specific or general language training, help finding employment for you, help with daily operation in Canada, or refugee services. You can visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for a province specific list of the many different programs available.

Canada is an incredibly warm and welcoming place for immigrants and there are many programs within society that can help you adjust to your new surroundings and become a new Canadian!

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