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Move to Canada! Customs

When you enter Canada after receiving a permanent residency visa you will be inspected by immigration and customs officials at the port of entry that you choose to enter through. Immigration Direct can help you get your Permanent Resident Card, but then you should also know something about what will happen when you enter the Dominion of Canada. We have already discussed the required documents for entry in another blog. Here we will cover the other forms you will need to deal with upon entry to Canada.

All of your personal items whether on your person or being shipped to you at a later time must be listed. The list will include what the item is, its serial number and its approximate cost. You should have separate lists for what you have on you at the time of entry to Canada and what will be following at a later date. You should prepare two copies of each list.

When you arrive in Canada it is very important to declare certain items to the customs authorities. This includes money. If you are carrying more than 10,000 Canadian Dollars in cash, securities, travelers checks or other monetary forms you must declare it. You must also declare anything that may be taxed within Canada such as alcohol, tobacco or other items. Business goods such as plants, foods, animals, pets or weapons must also be declared as soon as possible. Failure to declare these items upon entry in Canada may result in fines or imprisonment, so be sure to declare everything that fits into these categories. A Customs Declaration Card should also be filled out before you arrive in Canada.

These customs regulations are designed to protect immigrants as well as the people of Canada, and, indeed, when you enter Canada with a Permanent Resident Card you will be a resident of Canada as well!

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