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Citizenship Week!

Canadian Citizenship week is coming up!

Citizenship is an incredibly valued thing in the world and there are massive numbers of people who try to attain it every year. In order to do so you must first get Permanent Residency and then after a specified period of time you may apply for citizenship. In fact, you cannot access the full benefits offered by Canada until you become a full citizenship. For example you cannot vote if you are simply a permanent resident.

However, citizenship week is not entirely about getting citizenship, rather, it is about celebrating your inclusion in the one of the best countries in the world. The political freedom, cultural diversity and scenic beauty of the provinces are worthy of praise and admiration—as anyone who has spent any time in Canada would know.

The Canadian government and particularly Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be promoting various activities, events, online games, and educational resources on their webpage this upcoming week.

If you are a permanent resident, but not yet a citizen this may be the perfect opportunity for you to participate in the one of the many citizenship ceremonies throughout the provinces for the next week. If you do not fully meet the requirements for citizenship you can spend this time learning about Canadian history and government.

As a part of Immigration Direct’s commitment to helping you immigrate to Canada and eventually become a citizen we will be talking about the many different aspects of Canadian culture, history and government for the following week. We will also be providing you with the dates and locations for all of the citizenship ceremonies all across the great country of Canada.

If you are not yet a Permanent Resident of Canada you should consider starting your application process with us as soon as possible. Who knows, you might end up saying the oath this time next year!

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