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Applying for a Job in Canada

There are several documents you may need to provide when looking for a job in Canada. These documents could include things such as references from former employers, educational and training credentials, and anything proving work-related experience or skills. Below you’ll find a helpful guide to the type of documents you’ll want to prepare for your journey into the Canadian job market!

In some cases, you will want the professional organization to send documents directly to your potential Canadian employer. Documents such as school transcripts and letters of reference should be sent directly from the organization to the employer.

Other documents such as diplomas and certificates can be sent as copies directly from you to your potential employer.

Documents to show your Credentials

Documents showing your credentials are invaluable to potential Canadian employers. These documents prove your international qualifications and will help you find which jobs are right for you.

  • School documents: degrees, diplomas or certificates from universities, colleges, secondary schools or trade programs
  • Descriptions of programs you completed. Transcripts and grades from these programs could be useful as well.
  • Letters from professional organizations and other regulatory bodies on your qualifications and experience
  • Apprenticeship or professional certificates
  • Letters of reference and performance reviews from previous employers
  • Descriptions of duties from previous employment


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