Lost Landed Immigration Papers

There are many different reasons for why you may have lost your landed immigration papers and really, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how they were lost, but how you will replace them.

The Canadian government and Citizenship and Immigration Canada understand that sometimes papers get lost and they have a process in place that is there to help you replace these important documents as quickly as possible. Landing Resident

Just because you have lost your documents does not mean that you have somehow lost your status as a legal resident of Canada as well. The status does not go away, it only makes it slightly more difficult to prove.

Immigrants looking to become Permanent Residents cannot apply for confirmation of their landed status because they have not yet become Permanent Residents.

The form that you will need to submit to receive your confirmation of status is IMM 5009 E.

Part of the process will be accumulating documents that can identify you as a Permanent Resident of Canada. These are documents like driver’s licenses or birth certificates. Something that can help the CIC look you up and confirm your status.

You will then have to answer all of the questions on the application completely, be sure to check the box for “Confirmation of Permanent Resident Status.

There is a flat fee for this particular application of $30 per submission. There are some circumstances where you can provide documents that satisfy the waiver.

Other documents that you can ask to have replaced with this application are:

  • A Certificate of Departure,
  • A Visitor Record,
  • A Work Permit,
  • A Study Permit,
  • An Exclusion Order,
  • A Deportation Order,
  • A Departure Order,
  • A Permit to Come Into or Remain in Canada, or
  • An Authorization to Return to Canada.